Schneider Pen

Writing instruments for everyone: whether acting as pioneers in bringing ballpoint refills to the German market, establishing the legendary K 15 as the ballpoint pen for everyone, or developing the innovative Viscoglide® technology, Schneider has changed nothing in relation to this basic concept since the start.

Each thought is worth writing down – Schneider’s principle is apparently much appreciated. The company often receives letters with short notes, witty sayings, small sketches and much more from all over the world. Sometimes these are letters within the framework of its product campaigns, sometimes for no particular reason.

Representing Schneider Pen in Turkey since 1986, Tekiner has been receiving the paybacks of this well established parternship as loyal customers. One of the reasons why Schneider could make such an impact on end users, is that it offers technologies like Viscoglide that differentiates the brand from all the products available on the market.

The partnership of one of the best office equipments and stationery suppliers of Turkey and a worldwide known writing equipments manufacturer, has aimed at providing customers with the best since day 1. Feedbacks received after the consumers were provided with the best, has made this partnership take stronger steps towards success, as well as improvements.

For Schneider, it is highly important to produce environmentally friendly products. Manufacturing at Black Forest and Harz areas for the last three generations, the conservation of the environment has always been firmly rooted in Schneider’s company policy. The company places particular focus on reducing land consumption, transport and emissions as well as on the protection of waterways – always for the sake of our environment. All these criterias are protected under the program called “We Care”.

Schneider was elected as “brand of the century” in the category “ballpoint pens” by the renowned publishing house “Deutsche Standards”. Various brand experts and publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt awarded Schneider with a classy company portrait in the encyclopedia “Stars 2016”. The renowned compendium “brands of the century” includes only brands which define a certain type of product or service. Thus, Schneider joins the rank of one of the strongest German brands like Haribo, Ritter Sport, Tempo, adidas, BMW and other well-known labels.

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