Tekiner Exhibition Campaign | 2017

Our 2nd Exhibition Campaign for Stationery and Office Equipments started on October 27, and ended on December 9. Having held in 10 different cities, we were able to display our main product portfolio, as well as new products that were shown to our customers for the very first time. In addition to destinations of 2016 as Elazığ, Van, Diyarbakır, Malatya, Ankara, Gaziantep, and Adana; Trabzon, Konya, and Lüleburgaz became the new locations that we took our campaign to.  Compared to last year, rising interest in the campaign not only helped us display our goods, but also helped us understand the specific needs of customer to serve them better.

Dosy Clear Books and PVC Covers, EXXO Scientific Calculators, Mondi IQ Art Papers were the new products that we introduced during the campaign. Compared to 2016, number of visitors increased 25%, sales actualized increased 20%. This success was mainly due to our special marketing activities for the campaign, as well as our products having a stronger place on the shelves since last year. Feedbacks from customers were very helpful to decide on what steps to take to make these products even stronger. In addition to displaying products, we obtained invaluable market data from the first hand.

All in all, Exhibition Campaign for Stationery and Office Equipments 2017 wasn’t only productive for us, but also for our partnering wholesalers, as well as retailers as our gate to end users. Our sales team that is working day and night to reach out to each and every spot in Turkey, welcomed hundreds of customers thanks to our campaign of 2017. Tekiner, with the aim of creating value in all the activity fields that it performs in, has clearly achieved its goal. We would like to thank everyone that joined our campaign, adding our hope to do even better in 2018 altogether.

Cyprus Tour 2017 with Partners