Paperworld 2018

For the seventh time this year, again, we represented Stationery and Office Equipments industry of Turkey as good as we could. On top of sharing the new items that were recently added to our portfolio, we shared the details of our new factory; which we take as a huge leap to our brand new future. Besides all this, we discussed what we can do to add more to the world of stationery and office equipments products.

We would kindly like to share our joy that our investments of the last couple of years will finally start paying off in year 2018. As a result, we can clearly say that Paperworld 2018 had much more significance compared to other exhibitions of previous years. We are totally aware of the fact that these investments will not only be helping us take bolder steps towards the future of our organization, but also adding more to our responsibilities. In this sense, we would like to thank all the visitors for their support with visiting our booth, and taking time to share.