2016 Diyarbakır Exhibition

Third of our exhibitions for stationery and office equipments products was held on November 8-9, 2016 in Diyarbakır. Considering the tough times that the area is going through, the number of visitor was more than satisfactory. Our sales representatives couldn’t event breath, they helped our customers till very late hours. Our flagship brands, as we define; EXXO, Schneider, Kangaro and Mondi set the main theme of the exhibition.

Throughout the exhibitions, we had the chance to listen to our customers, see what problems they have and discuss what solutions we can provide. That gave us the opportunity to look at our economy from a different angle and think on which direction we should improve ourselves. Besides, we also informed the visitors on what type of an organization we are, as well as our culture of quality and environmental production. Receiving so much attention in Diyarbakır didn’t only make us happy for our organization, but also for the future of our country.