2016 Elazığ Exhibition

Our fourth exhibition was held on November 11-12 at Elazığ Park Dedeman Hotel. As Tekiner, we were again surprised by the level of interest, especially thinking that we were exhibiting in Elazığ for the first time. Schneider Pen received the substantial proportion of this interest as we hosted important players from stationery and office equipments industry of Elazığ. We shared thoughts with them, listened to their problems and needs, then proposed our solutions. Besides exhibiting our products, understanding the market in a broader sense made us very happy.

A bit out of exhibition concept, we were also happy to hear that the perception towards our organization changed in a very positive way. People used to perceive Tekiner as a paper products distributor only; after the exhibition, everyone knew that we are an organization providing different sets of products and solutions. They learnt that in stationery and office equipments category, besides paper products, we also provide our customers with writing equipments, filing equipments, adhesives, staplers, paper punches and so on. All in all, Elazığ exhibition was very efficient and successful for us.