Tekiner has been providing cutting rules, birch plywoods, creasing matrix, laser cutting machinery sorts of supplies to the die makers as the building bricks of packaging industry. Unlike 2nd or 3rd grade products on the market, Tekiner provides its customers with the latest quality and technology German precision engineering products.

GNU with cutting rules and creasing matrix, and Lasercomb with laser cutting and plotter machines are the two most important brands we represent in packaging industry. On the other hand, translucent papers that can be found under stationery and office equipments category is frequently purchased by these die makers for use in drawing. As in every category, Tekiner attaches high importance to service, product quality, and after sales support as the essential trio of customer satisfaction. Enjoying the results of this customer oriented approach, Tekiner is rapidly extending its share in packaging industry.

GNU Cutting Rules and Creasing Matrix

Having connected GNU with die makers for years, we still keep trying to improve the bonds to satisfy the customers with a wide range of portfolio of cutting rules and creasing matrix, as well after sales support. Representing  GNU as one of the best brands in packaging industry is the main reason why Tekiner has been respected. This also lets us add significant value to the market.

GNU headquartered in Wuppertal develops, manufactures and markets flatbed and rotary Cutting Rules, Creasing Matrix and Ejection Technology.
For over 110 years, it has been a family business with first-class quality and technology. Many innovative developments & processes, proven know-how and high-quality have given GNU a leading position in Europe. GNU supports its partners in delivering excellence to their own customers by supplying quality & technology and at the same time reducing costs, waste and other overhead expenses. The short timing between order and delivery results in competitive advantages for its clients and lower storage and capital costs.

Lasercomb Laser Cutting and Plotter Machines

Found in 1973 in Germany, Lasercomb is represented by Tekiner with its laser cutting, and plotter machines. In this sense, having brought numerous innovations to the market, Lasercomb has been the machinery supplier of die makers, who need outcomes of perfect quality. In 2007, ProCount milling machine, which was developed for the production of countercurves and punching, and creasing plates opened a new window in high precision die making.

In 2011, Lasercomb was able to present a plant with 3 kW laser power for the first time. In the following year, the ProRot 3000 developed a single rotary laser system. At the same time, Lasercomb implemented a high speed engraving system based on a Galvo scanner. The Prodigi Neo as a multifunctional digital processing center was demonstrated at Drupa 2012 and has been continuously expanding its functionality since then.