Mehmet Tekin - Chairman

Mehmet Tekin was born in a little village of Black Sea region city Ordu. He finished elementary school there, then for the middle school, he went to a slightly larger district called Ulubey. Ordu Commercial High School at the city center was where he got his high school degree. In 1972, he relocated to Istanbul to study for his undergraduate degree. After university entrance exam results were announced, Mehmet was good to study in İstanbul Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which unified with Marmara University in 1982.

Coming from a low income family, Mehmet had no choice but to work at the daytime; so he signed up for the evening education of the university. Working as an accountant in a stationery equipments supplier at the daytime, he continued studying at nights. In February 1977, he received his undergraduate degree and went to United Kingdom to study English. After 3 months of language study, he returned to the stationery supplier, which he was working before. Right after that, in 1978, he joined the army as a reserve officer to fulfill the compulsory military service in Turkey. End of 1979 was the time when he finished the military service and established Tekiner to start a business life of his own.

Mehmet Tekin is the chairman of Tekiner since it was found, and he preserved his mindset of high quality and consistent development ever since. Having installed the organization culture of doing the best with determination, Tekiner has been creating value under his leadership for the last 37 years.