Eone Time

Making a better watch for everyone…

Eone was founded with an innovative spirit and an unwavering mission: to create fashionable products that are accessible for everyone. Pronounced e (like the letter) and one (like the number), the name Eone is short for everyone, reflecting the desire to serve everyone.

The debut product – The Bradley Timepiece – was created to accommodate both sighted and vision impaired users equally. Since The Bradley doesn’t require sight to tell time, it is called a timepiece instead of a watch. Not only are Eone’s timepieces fashionable for everyone, they are functional for everyone, too.

The Bradley allows you to check time discreetly during meetings, interviews, dates, dinner with in-laws, or in dark movie theaters. If you’re vision impaired, you don’t need to rely on the intrusive talking watches or fragile, inaccurate tactile watches. The Bradley is a better timepiece for all.

The Bradley timepiece is named after former naval officer Bradley Snyder, who became blind while serving as a bomb diffuser in Afghanistan. Brad persevered after his injury, learning how to thrive in a world that wasn’t designed for people with vision impairments.

After training for the London Paralympic Games in 2012, Brad won gold and silver medals in swimming. He competed again in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, winning 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and shattering a world record.

Without any doubt, social responsibility side of all this story is clearly the most important reason why Tekiner became the distributor of Eone. Besides, outstanding designs of this particular timepiece maker complements our understanding of adding value to the markets we serve in.

“I will not let my blindness build a brick wall around me. I would give my eyes one hundred times again to have the chance to do the things I have done, and the things I can still do.” The ambition Bradley Snyder put forward with this quote of his, reflects how devoted we are to success too.

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