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Tekiner was found in 1979, in a small 9m² office, at the heart of trade in Istanbul; Tahtakale. The very first activity field of the organization is office equipments and stationery. At the beginning, corporate sales, notebooks, and printed documents were consisting large share of the products sold. Eventually, Tekiner started getting exclusivities from worldwide known brands, and a new era was opened…

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Giving high importance to quality and trust, leadership of founder Mehmet Tekin starts lifting Tekiner up to the peak of stationery and office products market quickly, but steadily…


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One of the very first brands Tekiner imports and distributes is leading British translucent paper manufacturer Chartam Papers’ Gateway brand. Today, Gateway is part of the portfolio of over a thousand products.


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Increasing demands doesn’t only come with increasing number of customers; it comes with an enlarging portfolio. Tekiner keeps adding to its portfolio, as well it keeps adding value to the market…

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Folders that we exhibit at the local fairs starts to become one of the key products of our portfolio…

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Adding more to its sales channels, local fairs had a great significance on bringing in new customers. These local fairs were also important for understanding what customers are in need of, as well as understanding where the market was going…

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World’s leading German writing equipments manufacturer Schneider and Tekiner established a long lasting partnership.

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Company mindset of “quality and trust first” leads to customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction leads to increase in demands. In order to fulfill all the customer demands, Tekiner relocates to its second location; Cağaloğlu.


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Tekiner, Akklas and Plastek teamed up for a partnership to sell stationery, folders, plastic filing and office equipments from a single channel. In this partnership Tekiner had the role of an importer, whereas Akklas and Plastek had the roles of manufacturing.

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Consistently increasing demands cause space problems in Cağaloğlu. Besides that, the partnership in Mor Ajans reaches an end. These facts combined altogether, it was unavoidable for Tekiner to relocate to a more central location, at a bigger place. So, Barbaros Boulevard, closer to the new center of city, was chosen as the new spot…

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Developing printing technology increased the demand for folder products. Seeing the increasing tendency, Tekiner starts folder production.

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No matter the fluctuations in Turkish economy, Tekiner’s unquenchable desire to create value continues. At this time, increasing demands reach a point that offices and warehouses of regular sizes were far than enough. Foundations of a new building of 6000m² in Mahmutbey, Istanbul were laid.


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Schneider Pen, which we started serving to our customers in 1986, keeps adding to its sales numbers on the 12th year…

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It wasn’t only office and warehouse area, or market share that was increasing; number of family members were also incresing…

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New building of headquarters that was built under many adversities, becomes fully operative.

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Adding printing machines, it wasn’t only our portfolio that was enlarging; space used in the exhibitons getting larger and larger…


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Working as manager for developing and developed organizations for long times, a new era was opened for Tekiner with Tanju Özdeniz joining as managing director.

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World leading paper manufacturer Mondi’s copy papers found their spot at supermarket chains like Carrefour…

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One of the very first brands for online watch sales in Turkey, Tekiner gets into timepieces, as well as retail market.

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Bringing quality and trust to the office and stationery equipments market for more than 30 years, it was the time for a new leap. Know to making satisfactory investments and innovations, Tekiner established a manufacturing plant for filing equipments such as pocket files, report files, seperators.

[/timeevents][timeevents date=”2010″ text=”EXXO” css_animation=”left-to-right” icon=”0″ direction=”left”]

EXXO became the brand of our in-house made filing equipments… Today, the brand includes a wide variety of products including writing equipments, films, tapes, calculators, papers and so on.

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After representing products from world’s leading brands for long in local exhibitions, it was time for Tekiner to represent our country with our products in a global exhibition. Since 2012, we have been exhibiting in Paperworld, at Frankfurt Messe.



Time for Tekiner to relocate again. Our new manufacturing plant, mainly designed for latest technology filing equipments will be opened in 2017. Besides, all the fields of activities we serve in; stationery and office equipments, packaging, digital textile, and timepieces will be enlarged in terms of products sold and market shares.