Changing the attitudes in watch industry…

TRIWA was found in 2007 by four friends, with the goal to change the attitudes in the watch industry that they thought was too focused on status and tradition. They started the company TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) with the purpose to transform the watch into a modern style symbol through a combination of classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity.

Today the four have become thirty friends, they’ve extended the product line to include sunglasses and bracelets and they are distributing globally. All design and product development is created in their creative studio in Stockholm where they still follow the same motto they had from day one; to only produce the products they want to wear themselves.

Added to Tekiner subsidiary Meta Saat’s portfolio in the first quarter of 2017, we can obviously say that TRIWA contributes more value to our organizational understanding of bringing new materials to the market. Considering that the founders and designers only offer products that they would like to use, we can clearly state that their understanding is a 100% match with our understanding of customer value, as well as customer satisfaction.

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