Made of 80 g/m² quality pulp, Mondi Colored Papers are imported from Austria, under the name IQ Color. Having thousands of employees around the world, Mondi Group produces one of the best quality colored papers available on the market.

Portfolio of Mondi Colored Papers

Mondi IQ Color 80 g/m² - A4 / A3

BE66 Vanilla GN27 Green
CR20 Cream MG28 Medium Green
CH32 Chamois OBL70 Iceblue
YE23 Yellow BL29 Blue
SA24 Salmon MB30 Medium Blue
OPI74 Flamingo OG52 Oyster Grey
PI25 Pink
IG50 Mustard AB48 Aqua Blue
SY40 Sun Yellow DB49 Deep Blue
BGN63 Billiard Green ZR09 Brick Red
DG47 Dark Green CO44 Coral Red
LG46 Lime Green MO15 Mandarin
MA42 Spring Green OR43 Orange
Neon and Trend
NEOOR Orange GO22 Gold
NEOGN Green ZG34 Lemon Yellow
NEOGB Yellow CY39 Canary Yellow
NEOPI Pink LA12 Lavender
GR21 Grey