EXXO cashier rolls have a wide range of dimensions that makes them fit for all cashiers, POS devices, as well as ATMs and queue ticket dispensers (q-matics). Made of 55 g/m² quality paper, EXXO cashier rolls are certified by Turkish Standards Institute as they can be used for 7 years without the printing being erased. Available in lightproof packages, EXXO cashier rolls are under full warranty before out of package.

Portfolio of Cashier Rolls

Product ID



27mm x 20m


10 Rolls/Pack


300 Rolls/Box

TKR2725 27mm x 25m 10 Rolls/Pack 260 Rolls/Box
TKR2730 27mm x 30m 10 Rolls/Pack 210 Rolls/Box
TKR3725 37mm x 25m 10 Rolls/Pack 180 Rolls/Box
TKR3730 37mm x 30m 10 Rolls/Pack 180 Rolls/Box
TKR4425 44mm x 25m 10 Rolls/Pack 140 Rolls/Box
TKR4430 44mm x 30m 10 Rolls/Pack 140 Rolls/Box
TKR5614 56mm x 14m 10 Rolls/Pack 180 Rolls/Box
TKR5616 56mm x 16m 10 Rolls/Pack 180 Rolls/Box
TKR5618 56mm x 18m 10 Rolls/Pack 180 Rolls/Box
TKR5620 56mm x 20m 10 Rolls/Pack 160 Rolls/Box
TKR5625 56mm x 25m 10 Rolls/Pack 140 Rolls/Box
TKR5630 56mm x 30m 10 Rolls/Pack 120 Rolls/Box
TKR8030 80mm x 30m 10 Rolls/Pack 60 Rolls/Box
TKR8040 80mm x 40m 10 Rolls/Pack 60 Rolls/Box