It was 2009, when EXXO filing equipments was launced for the stationery and office equipments industry. Since then, it has been the flagship brand of Tekiner. Having extended the range of products with writing equipments, tapes, sticky notes, calculators, films and so on, EXXO adds significant value to stationery and office equipments industry. This value is not limited to the range of products; the brand created a new understanding of value for money.

Excluding Turkey, EXXO is exported to 25 different countries from around the world, and the feedbacks we get from our retailers, as well as end users, makes us even more confident on the bold steps that the brand is taking towards becoming a global one.

Product portfolio of EXXO includes; pocket files, report files, L shaped files, plastic (pp) seperators, mylar dividers, folders, packaging tapes, double-sided tapes, kraft tapes, calculators, highlighters, whiteboard markers, permanent markers, sticky notes, lamination films, and pvc covers. Paying utmost attention to the quality of products we serve under EXXO brand, we also work hard to give our best in terms of after sales support.

Tekiner, as one of the largest stationery and office equipments suppliers of Turkey, does not define the quality of its EXXO products by the raw materials used, or the durability. The most significant element of our quality understanding is health, as non of the EXXO products have any detrimental ingredients. In this sense, we pay substantial amount of attention to manufacturing our products using healthy materials, as well as we pay attention to the products we brand EXXO.

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