Botta Design

What if wristwatch was never invented?

Complicated is easy – easy is difficult: Klaus Botta’s goal is always to develop logical products that can be operated intuitively. He intentionally dispenses with any superfluous elements, and pairs superior functionality with outstanding design. The prime example of this is the revolutionary UNO one-hand watch developed by Klaus Botta – the first wristwatch in the modern era to employ the one-hand principle.

For this and a number of other products, the industrial designer has so far won 58 national and international awards. There is one key question that Klaus Botta always asks at the start of each development process: What if the product had never existed? Taking the example of a watch, this would mean that the most logical kind of watch would be one with just a single hand and a 24-hour scale. The one-hand principle simplifies the way time is presented and read.

laus Botta’s goal was always to make products better, more functional and more simple – improving their ease of use and dispensing with any superfluous elements. He wanted not only to make things different, but also to drive them forward in a meaningful way. Klaus Botta was awarded IFA 1990 for the hi-fi system he developed while still at university, at the consumer electronics trade show with the same name (IFA) in Berlin.

Uniting extraordinary products with consumers is the utmost goal of Tekiner, and this has been proven with Botta Design partnership once again. Reaching the summit of quality and elegance, Botta Design is creating value in evolving timepieces industry. Considering countless numbers of watch designs in the market, “one hand” structure led by Botta, takes the brand and its products steps away from the rivals.

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