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Who we are

Started its journey in a little 9sqm store, we are an organization composed of people with love and passion for our jobs. Today, this journey is continuing with 80 of us, in our office and manufacturing plant of 15.000sqm.

What we do

We are trying to create values in stationery, packaging, digital textile, and timepieces markets. In order to create these values, we are trying to differentiate, to differentiate we are creating trust, and in order to create trust, we give high importance to quality.

How we do

To be the best in the activity field we are in, we give full support to our colleagues and business partners. We clearly know that being the best can only be achieved by making people who work with us, the best.

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A Legacy of 40 Years

At a glance

Tekiner was found in 1979, in the heart of trade in Turkey, Tahtakale/Istanbul. Having started business in a very small office, it slowly but steadily professionalized in import and distributorship.

Company culture of quality and consistent development started to exist at every part of the business. Serving its customers in Cağaloğlu, Beşiktaş and Mahmutbey respectively, today, Tekiner is continuing creating values in Esenyurt, at its 15.000 sqm headquarters.


In the beginning of 80’s, the market in Turkey had limited amount of foreign goods, whereas today, abundant numbers can be found on the shelves. This has increased the intensity of competition, as well as leading market to open up for foreign interaction. In this rapidly changing environment, Tekiner positioned itself on a level of providing permanent solutions, instead of temporary ones. As Tekiner, we know that only offering permanent solutions can take us steps ahead of our rivals. In this sense, Tekiner only distributes worldwide known brands, and attaches great importance to working with market leaders.

Our Vision

Preserving our values since the day we were established, we represent various brands of 22 different countries. Besides, having added our manufacturing plant of filing equipments in 2009, we export our products to 27 different countries.

Our vision is to increase the number of activity fields we are in, while being the best of any given. In this sense, we are attaching great importance to working with the bests. We know that the best team can only be formed by the best and the most passionate members.

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